Friday, January 7, 2011

How To Become A Certified Access Specialist (CASp)

Many people ask "how can I become a Certified Access Specialist (CASp)”?

First and foremost, the state’s CASp examination is administer through the Division of State Architect (DSA). You must complete a candidate eligibility application form online at DSA CASp Registration or you can down load a snail mail application form (DSA-600) and start your process to "qualify" to take the examination. The qualification process is very important and is very similar to a job application. The qualification process looks at your experience, education or both in the areas of access compliance and application. This may come from design, construction, inspection, plan review, consulting, or other related fields.

It is best to approach the registration process and application like a job application to increase your chances of being approved. Like with any application, incomplete or pertinent information missing may hinder your chances of being approved.

The best source of information and the different ways to qualify, is the DSA CASp Handbook. You can download it here: CASp Handbook. Please direct any inquiries about the registration requirements to or call 916.445.8100.

CASp examination test dates for 2011 have not been announced yet, but you can still submit your registration and get the ball rolling so you are ready to go once they do!

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The CalCasp Story!

California Certified Accessibility Specialists, (CalCasp) offers a full range of accessibility compliance services to assist businesses, property owners and architects in complying with Senate Bill 1608 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). CalCasp offers a variety of services to help businesses take advantage of the exciting new benefits and protections afforded by the recent passage of SB 1608.

Paul Klein and Mark Wood have been responsible for ensuring compliance with California accessibility requirements found in the California Building Code Title 24 and American With Disabilities Act for over 20 years. During this time it became clearly evident that the construction and business community was markedly deficient in their understanding of both the specific statutes and the intent of accessibility regulations. Mark was often asked to provide educational opportunities to government inspection agencies, architects, and contractors by local and state wide agencies and schools such as the Sacramento Valley Association of Building Officials (SVABO), California Association of Building Officials (CALBO), University of California, Davis Extension, and several Chambers’ of Commerce. Paul, with his extensive plan review background, was often asked to provide his expertise to architects and contractors in the development of plans and review and comment on site specific issues related to accessibility.

In January 2009 SB 1608 was signed into law. One of many changes this new law made was to require the Division of the State Architect to formulate and administer a voluntary certification exam covering all laws related to accessibility, both State and Federal. Because of the magnitude of material and the breadth of laws that must be understood to pass the exam, the pass rate is approximately 40%. Having both passed the exam and finding so few with the credentials to provide critical services specifically reserved to those that are Certified Access Specialists, CalCasp Inc, was formed! Our clients include individual retail businesses owners, corporate business owners, full service and quick serve restaurants and commercial offices. We are selective of our clients so that we can ensure the highest quality of service while providing timely and accurate recommendations, responses to questions and evaluations, either by on-site or electronic communications. We are available 7 days a week for on- site consultation to accommodate construction schedules as well as by phone or email.

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